Thrall Lodge #170 Officers for 2016.

1st Row (L to R): WB Lance Gallogly (SW), WB Vince Pugh (Master), WB Mark Buskirk, (LEO and Amos Educational Grant Committee), B John Beutel (JD), B Tom Anderson (Tyler)

2nd Row (L to R): B Hunter Huvler (Trustee), B Tim Hull (SD), B Frank Taylor (Chaplain and Sick and Relief Committee), B Brian King (JW), B Mike Bleckledge (Secretary) WB Todd Burns (Treasurer). Not Pictured: WB Dan Hosack (SS), B Dallas Popham, Trustee, B Scott Huvler (Trustees and Amos Educational Grant Committee, Audit Committee), B Don Huggins (Amos Educational Grant Committee), WB Hugh Lamb Jr,, B Skip Lance (Sick and Relief Committee), B Asa Clagg, B Mike Shoewalter (Audit Committee).

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