Annual Awards Night Dinner and Meeting. Tuesday February 17th, 2015. Recipients: (Front row left to right) B. Joe Filipowicz (35 years), B. Dr. Ed Blackburn, (35 years), WB. Dan Hosack (25 years), and B. Harold Ebersole (50 years). Presenters: (Back row left to right) WM. Lance Gallogly, RWB Fred Paul, RWB John Patrick, and WB. Tom Bourne."

 Below: In 2014 Thrall Lodge took District 19's Traveling Gavel (which goes to the Lodge having the most members present at that particular meeting) on several occasions. We also had a very large turn out for the Inspection at Ohio #199 Bladensburg.

Congratulations, and Thank You Worshipful Brother Burns!

Below: Thrall Lodge (finally) took District 19's Traveling Gavel which goes to the Lodge having the most members present at that particular meeting. (L to R ) B. Todd Burns, (WM Elect 2014). WB Dick Lamb, WB Mark Buskirk (2013 Master), B. John Beutel, WB Jerry Faust, B. Frank Taylor, B. Lance Gallogly, B. Ken Goble and  WB Hugh Lamb Jr. WM Buskirk is also holding a 2013 Perfect Attendance plaque presented to Thrall, and is wearing his perfect attendance lapel pin. What a great way to close out his year as Master of Thrall Lodge #170.

Congratulations, and Thank You Worshipful Brother Buskirk!

 Below: Thrall Lodge #170 Members completing the 32nd Degree/ Scottish Rite on November 9th,2013 at the Aladdin Shrine Temple in Columbus. (L to R ) B. Skip Lance, (Sponsor), B. Jack Cunningham. B. Brian King, B. Jeff Cunningham, B. Ken Goble.

Below: Thrall Lodge #170's delegates traveled to Grand Lodge Communication on October 18th and 19th 2013 in Akron, Ohio. (L to R ) B. Ken Goble (JD), B. Lance Gallogly (JW), WB Mark Buskirk (Master), and B. Todd Burns, (SW). The plaque was presented in recognition of Thrall’s support of The Ohio Special Olympics Summer Games which was held in Columbus this past June. Thrall Brethren baked and donated 120+ dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies for the participants to munch on between their competitive events.

 Below: September 14th, 2013:

Approximately fifty 19th Masonic District Association Brethren (five from Thrall Lodge #170) attended the Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team (Master Mason) ritual which was held at The Dayton, OH Masonic Temple. More than nine hundred fifty attended this spectacular event making it the second largest gathering of Ohio Masons this year. (Second only to: Grand Lodge Communication in Akron, OH.) Most Worshipful Brother Doug Brenneman handled all of the arrangements for our travel via a very comfortable Motor Coach. We departed the OES Home/ Mt. Vernon about 12:30 PM and made a quick stop at the Heath, OH Masonic Complex to pick up about 10 Brothers. Then, we were straight on to Dayton for a full afternoon & evening of Fellowship, Labor, and Refreshment.

Thanks to all who helped make this a truly memorable, and historic day.


 Below: May 11th, 2013:

Members of Thrall Lodge #170 gather for a photo while attending the 2013 Grand Master's One Day Class held at The Aladdin Shrine Temple/ Columbus, OH. More than 2 dozen Thrall members attended either as Candidates for Degree or as their Mentors. By day's end, all three Blue Lodge degrees were conferred, in fine form.

 Below: Members attending "Day of Learning"/ Newark, Ohio (January 12th, 2013). Left to Right: B. Lance Gallogly (JW), B. Ken Goble (JD), B. Vince Pugh (SD), B. Frank Taylor (JS), WB. Hugh Lamb Jr. (Immediate Past Master), WM. Mark Buskirk (Master), B. Scott Brooks (SS). Not pictured: B. Todd Burns (SW).

 Below:  Members attending Annual Grand Lodge Communication/ Akron, Ohio October 19th & 20th, 2012 (L to R: B.Vince Pugh, WM. Hugh Lamb. Jr., B. Mark Buskirk, B. Ken Goble.)

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